Friday, 17 April 2015

Fast And Furious 7

How was everyone's holiday I want to know about it.
Mine was awesome because last Friday I went to watch Fast and Furious 7 with my two Uncles,My Sister and My Dad.
It is an amazing action movie.
I would tell you my highlight of the movie but I would just spoil a part of the movie.
But my favorite part of the movie is around the ending.
If you have seen the movie then comment your highlight.


Petra Lawrence said...

Kia ora Bruce, I hope you have had a good holiday break. You are lucky to have seen Fast and Furious 7 - I also got to watch it this holidays.
My favourite part was when Roman was scared and refused to drive his car out of the plane but then Tej made him! It was very funny hearing him scream and yell the whole way down!

Willy I said...

Oh my gosh, Whaea Petra, why?! Why the spoils?!

But yeah, Bruce, that was a good post summarizing an event during the school holidays. Oh, I just realised, I haven't seen the movie YET, but...oh...I guess I wasn't supposed to...

Nevermind! This was a good post summarizing an event during the school holidays, for you. Great job, Bruce!


Ohh I ruined this comment, didn't I? Aww....

Pio said...

Bruce I like how you explained how you were with your family at the movies watching fast
& furious.

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