Wednesday, 30 November 2016

My camp Highlights

Today was an interesting morning working on a reflection about camp. Today my reflection was based on my highlights of camp. My reflection shows my highlights of camp and some answered questions.
WALT: reflect on what we did at camp Raglan last week.
Camp Raglan was really fun and exciting I actually enjoyed it a lot and I think it would've been even more fun if everyone came but unfortunately some stayed. My camp experience was a fun one getting to spend time with my peers and build strong bonds. My favorite part was doing Air rifles because I found out I had good Accuracy.

Thank you for reading:)
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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Camp Sheild

Today I created a drawing of a shield and drew in patterns and stuff related to our camp journey. This is a photo of my shield and here is a description of my patterns and what they mean. 

The Spear
The spear is a symbol of strength. The spear represents the differences and different strengths everyone has and uses to help them accomplish challenges they face. It's also a sign of strength in helping you overcoming your fears.

The Big Heart
The big heart is a symbol of love and bond. The big heart Represents the strength of love and bond, The strong relationships and bonds that people build, Build relationships so strong they can't be broken. It also represents the value of relating to others because Together Everyone Achieves More.

The Two Hearts
The two hearts represent the strength of bonding. The strength in bonding comes from you, Try to make friends not only with people you know but others as well, Don't judge a person by there looks because you don't know who they really are inside.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Camp Before And After Life

Before and after life,Before and After camp.

Before camp I was someone who was not very active,wasnt very confident,couldnt communicate well with others and was scared of heights. Being at camp has really helped me change and become a better person, It has helped me reach my full potential. Camp has helped me increase my confidence,build up the courage to face my fears of heights. 
My life after camp is so much better now that I am confident, Have more friends, can work effectively with others, communicate well and can make strong bonds with anyone. During camp I was able to show my confidence through a performance piece I did with my friend Marcus, A group performance I did with three of my friends and through a little skit I did with my camp team, UNSTOPPABLE. 
At camp I showed TEAM by participating and contributing effectively with my team, using the value of Relating to others to accomplish our goal of achieving the camp vision Team. 
Overall camp has helped me change a lot with my attitude and confidence. My confidence level have boosted up a lot, Now I have more confidence in me and now I am able to be more open about things, Give my opinion when I think it is needed or I think something is wrong, techniqually I can participate and contribute effectively with others and show our camp value relating to others.


Monday, 31 October 2016

Birthday Invitation

WALT: Send a invitation to one our buddies friend.
The invitation is supposed to look cool and have a lot of information about what is going to happen, where and when it will be.
To help my inviting skills increase or if you think I done well please leave a comment or some feedback and feedforward.

Narrative Writing

Today we did a writing test related to a photo that has fireworks and balloons. We had to write a narrative and only had 45 minutes to complete it. This is as far as I got not don but almost done but I hope you's enjoy reading my story and can give me some feedback and feedforward.Enjoy reading



I woke up to a cold breeze smashing against my face and the sun warming up my skin. Mum was yelling out, “Hope darling”, Hope darling ,It's time to wake up come on it's Guy Fawkes today”.
I quickly rush out of bed and get dressed before I go to have breakfast. I wash my face, Brush my hair and wash my hands then I go and sit at the table. “So mum?...” I asked,
“ What are we doing today?”,
“Well darling”  she replies while making breakfast,  
“We will go shopping, get some fireworks and then come home to get changed before we head out to Green Lake Park for the fireworks festival. We will have dinner there and have a look around”.
I finished my breakfast, did my dishes then headed for the bathroom to brush my teeth. While I was brushing my teeth I was wondering why mum was arranging for this special day.
“Darling it time to go.” mum yells from the bottom of the stairs.

We get in the car and away we go. Cruising down the streets passing other cars, the bright yellow sun fills the sky with light and the clear blue sky is as clear as the ocean. We arrive at K-mart and we do half an hours worth of shopping, as we walked past the fireworks station I saw a fireworks packet that contained Ground spinners, sparklers, firecrackers and smoke bombs.
“Can I have that firework pack please?”, I asked mum hoping that she will say yes.
“Alright take one off the shelf and carry it to the counter”.  
After paying for the my fireworks we went home.


WALT: Answer questions that were giving to us on a presentation.
Today I was answering questions given to me , I think I answered them pretty well because gave good for the questions and thought really hard on this piece of work.
If think I done well PLEASE leave a comment on if I done well or leave some feedback and feedforward THANKS!

Christmas Research

WALT: Research some questions about christmas.
Today I was finishing a task I started last week related to celebrations. This task required my partner Daimai and I to research questions related to the topic of christmas. Christmas is my favorite celebration because you give and receive presents,get to spend time with loved one's,do family activities together and go to christmas parades.