Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Camp Sheild

Today I created a drawing of a shield and drew in patterns and stuff related to our camp journey. This is a photo of my shield and here is a description of my patterns and what they mean. 

The Spear
The spear is a symbol of strength. The spear represents the differences and different strengths everyone has and uses to help them accomplish challenges they face. It's also a sign of strength in helping you overcoming your fears.

The Big Heart
The big heart is a symbol of love and bond. The big heart Represents the strength of love and bond, The strong relationships and bonds that people build, Build relationships so strong they can't be broken. It also represents the value of relating to others because Together Everyone Achieves More.

The Two Hearts
The two hearts represent the strength of bonding. The strength in bonding comes from you, Try to make friends not only with people you know but others as well, Don't judge a person by there looks because you don't know who they really are inside.


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