Friday, 24 October 2014

T's And C's Explanation

WALT:write an explanation success criteria.

-Ideas  and supporting details in paragraphs

Terms and Conditions are  the rules of signing up to join something.They tell you what to expect and what they  want from you.

Block your account for being under age and for lying to them.

Parent/People responsible for you and they could   get in trouble because of the website that you download.

Hackers could track you through a website and they can access things that you don’t want anyone to know but it is not their fault it your fault because you're the one that let them by pressing i accept if you don’t want to know it delete it and never download that website again.

When you download snapchat and all the things that link to it they can look at your pictures search through it then one of your family members might be kidnaped or adult naped from that website because that website can go through your  details,contacts,photos and other information.

Conclusion:Make sure you read the terms and conditions if you don’t your in big BIG trouble.


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