Tuesday, 10 March 2015

TRUMP goals

My Thinking goal for this year is to ask questions in class discussions.  
I think this because if i’m not sure of any words in the discussion I can ask open questions that relate to the topic i'm learning.

Relating to others:
My goal for relating to other is to listen actively and negotiating and sharing ideas in group discussions.
I think this because if I listen actively to the speaker I might learn something new.

Using language, symbols and text:
My goal for using language and text is to use different systems of language and symbols to represent and communicate information,experiences and ideas.
I think this because I need to improve the way I present my work in different learning areas throughs signs, symbols, texts and different DLOs.

Managing self:
My managing self goal for this year is to have a can do attitude.
An example of how I will show a can do attitude is by doing my work to a high standard and finishing it properly.   

Participating and contributing:
co-operating with others in group discussions and in team sports.

My goal for Participating and Contributing is to make connections with others.
An example of how I will make connections with others is by playing with others and in conversations


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