Tuesday, 10 March 2015

At the pools

The first thing that was attached to my eyes when i entered the swimarama lagoon in panmure was the bright blue pool. As we entered the outside pool we saw public people swimming and splashing in the water. We also saw life guards standing on the outside of the pool. We were explained the rules and expectations of the pools,And also got introduced to one of the life guards. Right after that miss Barlow Introduced the program to the Student then we got Spit up.
This was when the fun began. When we were separated we sat on the grass and were being told the instructions of how to do the duathlon. Next Miss Aireen separated us into twelve even groups. First we run down the side of the wall then we had to swim 2 lengths before running the basin. As i was running 1km down the basin my heart was beating as fast as a cheetah. My team and I stayed and ran together because some of us were slowing down. All that I could smell while running  with my team was nothing but salt water. When we arrived back at the gate we went and grab our lunch.Afterwards Miss Fepuleai was explaining the rules of where to swim and were not to swim. I was burning. As she was talking i was staring at the crystal clear pool imagining how cold the pool was. When i jumped in my body was sizzling
In the pool I was playing with willy illy. We were playing human vs squid. Humans were trying to capture us while the squid was running away. some of the teachers hoped in the pool.They had a happy entrance because as they walked in the student were wetting them. Some student were playing volley ball and having swimming races. Then we had lunch time. When i was grabbing my lunch i could hear the BBQ sizzling.I was very hungry.        
After lunch the year seven and eights were allowed to go on the diving board. I was watching them and some of them were booming really high. Then when we got of the diving board we had to get changed.
and that was the end of the fantastic day.


Petra Lawrence said...

This is great recount of a very fun day at the pools Bruce. I like how you have added some figurative language to your writing and I can clearly see how you have used your 5 senses to describe different events. You are right it was quite a mission getting into the pool lots of students were splashing me!

Remember to check your work for spelling and punctuation before blogging as it can change the meaning quite a lot from what you have intended.

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