Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Challenges of Hosting the Olympics - Reading Jigsaw

I am learning to define the different impacts rio has on the olympics.

Political impact

  • Rounds of tense Protests have gripped brazil’s largest cities including Rio, as a result.
  • Brazilians think Vice President Michel Temer was accused of murder for the  corruption scandal.
  • The office of the brazilian presidency told world post that temer was focus on reducing the number of  government ministries  and had already expressed his commitment to appointing women to leadership positions.
  • The Political turmoil is unlikely to directly affect the operation of the Olympics,
  • In December, with a corruption scandal threatening to boil over and the economy slumping, members of the political opposition in Brazil’s legislature launched efforts to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, who won re-election for a second term in 2014.
  • The Main Charges against Rousseff are that she misused federal funds to obscure the size of brazil’s deficit in violation of of federal Law.
Police and legacy impacts.
  • Brazilian police rank among the world's most deadly.
  • Police related deaths in the rio state rose to 580 killings in 2014 and 40 percent from 2013 an increase again to 645 in 2015
  • In december the united nation accused the brazilian police force of systematically murdering poor brown kids in an effort to clean the street for the olympics
  • Brazilian citizens find it hard to walk the streets
  • Rio’s Olympic games, like many before them, came not just with the promise of a three-week sporting extravaganza, but also with the hope of transformed city infrastructure.
  • Brazil’s failure to complete many of its planned infrastructure projects ahead of the World Cup has led to some pessimistic predictions about how well the Olympic projects will fare.
Economic impacts
  • The brazil that won the olympic was a country undertaking a vast expansion of poverty and health programs.
  • Unemployment has risen to nearly 11 percent and wages have plummeted.
  • The A.P Analyzed the water and found out it was still polluted with diseases linked to human sewage at levels up to 1.7 million highly concerning the U.S or Europe.
  • The IOC say that the water will be clear.They’ve already conceded that the  Guanabara bay won’t be clean affecting rio’s residents and the environmental efforts until the end of the olympics.
  • Some olympic athletes have already said they will quarantine themselves at the olympics,others have considered not going.
  • Doctors initially believed the virus would have a minimal impact on the Olympics
  • The government dispatched military and health professionals to cleanse Rio and its surrounding areas of mosquitoes, and promised that athletes and fans wouldn’t face much risk
  • The IOC and some national Olympic federations are already making plans to protect athletes and fans, and the WHO is taking strides to “put in place all the measures to reduce mosquito density
  • with health experts still trying to formulate a full response and create a vaccine for the disease, Zika will continue to pose a threat to Brazilians.

Today I did a group task were we had to list down the impacts rio would have on the olympics then add examples to support our reasons.
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