Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Our Group Article review

WALT use Bloom's Taxonomy skills to complete a news article we read.

Today I completed a Bloom's Taxonomy task in a group of 4.
My group and I worked together by allocating ourselves to different slides to get the presentation complete.
We used the skills of Remembering,Understanding the text,Skimming and scanning,Re reading and communicating with each other to agree on the information we were putting on our work.
Next time we will work on completing the task throughout the rest of the week.

For the first slide we had to use a variety of skills to complete the first remembering slide. For the remembering slide we had to answer 4 different questions with deeper critical thinking skills.

For the second Slide we had to use our skills of understanding the text so we had to identify 5 key words and had to list down our understandings with evidence in the article.

The last slide we completed was the applying slide were we had to use our reading skills to ask and answer questions related to the article we read and had to add in a summary to finish.

This is my review of our group task.
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