Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Author's Purpose

Too Much T.V

In my opinion I think the author's purpose in this reading text is that spending too much time watching T.V and playing video games could lead to you not wanting to read books,Play sports and even make you not want to spend time with your family. I think that the Authors trying to state that technology gadgets can make feel addicted to it and can make you think negatively towards doing anything else that doesn't involve gadgets.

Furthermore I think that the author is trying to tell us that it is not good to spend so much time watching T.V or playing video games because you never know what would happen, Your mindset could change, you could change the things you use to do like say for example: you used to play sports and use to be very active and now all because of these gadgets or technical devices you change your mindset and now think that what you used to do was nothing compared to what digital devices can provide you.

Overall I think the author is trying to say Don't spend to much time on digital devices or watching T.V because its not very helpful for your future.


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