Tuesday, 25 October 2016

What I think about tamaki

Today for during the middle block our class had a group discussion on how we can make our school a better place? and also on, what makes our school special?. We had to get into groups of four and discuss and brainstorm about the questions above. This is what my group and I came up with.

How can we make our school a better place?
  • We can do this by getting new sports equipment,
  • Helping out where help is needed,
  • Demonstrating good behavior,
  • Stopping the tagging,
  • Respecting students and teachers
  • learning from your mistakes.
  • Keeping our school grounds tidy/clean,
  • and no vandalising 

Our second question was What makes tamaki special?
  • What makes tamaki special is the bond everyone has,
  • The school values we show,
  • The learning we do,
  • The environment we have,
  • The different cultures we celebrate,
  • The differences we embrace,
  • And the bond people have with each other.
I think our school is the best because people from different cultures build strong bonds with each other, respect is shown around and also because we have pride in everything we do. The main reason why I think our school is special is because our school was one of the first to use notebooks and I the main reason on how I think we can make our school a better place is by Stopping the tagging and vandalising that happens all the time.

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Thank you :)


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